Die Volksgrenadiere


About us

‘Die Volksgrenadiere’ is the German workgroup of the Dutch re-enactment association ETOR 40-45. Our workgroup displays the common German soldier who, as conscript during the Second World War, had to serve in the Wehrmacht. Specifically our display focusses on an infantry unit during the last years of the war.

In our workgroup we focus on authenticity as much as we can. Do you want to know more about us? Navigate through our page!


Our group mainly allows members from the Netherlands. We also have some members from Germany though. If you want to know more about possibilites for membership to our group from abroad, please contact us.

Ofcourse you can also contact us for other subjects like events and productions.
We would also be happy to coöperate with foreign projects. Click on the button below for our contact information.


Many of our members re-enact for fun. Re-enactment is a way to relive the history. In that way we can learn more than from books. We are also available for pure educational purposes or for professional (movie)productions. In many cases we ask our clients for a compensation to do such assignments. The yield from these assignments will go to the workgroup as a whole and not for individual profit. In this way you will invest in the historic accuracy of our hobby!

Do you want to know more about our participation of events or productions? Click on the button below!

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