Many of our members re-enact for their own fun. Re-enactment is a way to relive the history personally and, through this way, to learn more then from reading a book. For that reason we, within our workgroup, participate in different activities. These activities can be devided in events and productions. On this page you can read more about our activities.


On average we participate in 8 events a year. These events take place in the Netherlands, but sometimes might also take place abroad. Our workgroup often focusses on events with, what we call, a high authenticity level. We also organize events ourselves.

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Foto activities


Even though we mainly do this hobby for our own, we also want to make ourselves available for educational purposes our professional (movie)productions. In many cases we ask a compensation for projects like these. The compensation from these projects will go to the workgroup as a whole and is not for the profit of individual members.

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Foto activities 2