On this page we want to give you, as client, clarity about what we as workgroup have to offer for your project and how we work. For information about us you can find more information here. On this page you will also find information about the compensation we ask for the efforts of the group en why we ask for this compensation.


What can we offer?

As a group we can offer the following:

  • As group we can display a German military unit in the Second World War.
  • We have our own correct uniforms. You do not have to hire uniforms and you can be assured that we know how to wear the uniforms in the right way.
  • Our clothes and equipment are functional and correct for the requested time period.
  • We often practice drill, combat tactics and use of weapons in an authentic way.
    You do not have to train your own actors. In fact we can do this for you.
  • When you need specific knowledge about certain situations or events, we can think along with you. If needed we can do additional research.
  • Through our network you can get contacts for additions. For example: we have contacts with owners of vehicles or Allied displays.
Even though our display can never be exactly like ‘back in the days’ we always put in our best effort to improve ourselves. We strive for total authenticiy. When you make use of our services you may expect us to look and act like Wehrmacht soldiers in the Second World War the best we can.


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Even though this hobby is our leisure activity we are also open to share our knowledge and make our services available. We do not want to make any profit out of this, but we hope that through assignments with financial compensation we can continue to improve our display. By ‘hiring’ us you therefore also invest in the conservation of a piece of history. To give clarity about this we have made a list with our rates.

The rates you can find here. (page is still under construction and not available at this time)


When you have serious interest in ‘hiring’ our workgroup we would like to get in touch with you to see what the possibilities are. With bigger assignments we rather make a fysical appointment, but if this is not possible because of the traveling distance, we can also arrange a digital conversation.

After this conversation we make, based on your wishes, an offer. In this time we also check with our members for their availability. If we cannot meet your wishes due to our members not being available, we let you know in time. We can agree upon a deadline for letting you know about this in time.

When both parties agree with the offer we ask for a deposit. After the assignment or project is done we will make an invoice for the definitive compensation based on the actual hours we were hired.

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Besides the information stated above we have made a page for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). This page is still being translated at this time. Please come back later or send us a message!